A-Z celebrity diet secrets revealed

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Nearly all movie stars, TV anchors, top models and singers look like gods. Perfect legs, slim waists, cool hairstyles, tanned bodies. They look effortlessly beautiful, but you should not be deceived by the appearances. Aside from a handful of people, all the rest have to work hard at it. Dieting and workouts are among the most important things in the life of a high-powered star. Because if they don’t look right, they don’t get contracts and they are soon out of the public minds and hearts. Such is life in Hollywood.

And just like any place where money and ambition meet, there are a lot of people trying to push this or that idea as the best thing since sliced bread, or something like that. And celebrities many do fall for this stuff, mainly because celebrities are just like the rest of us and have a hard time finding a diet that works. Since we are all a bit different from each other, there’s no single diet that works the same for everybody, which means that one has to try this or that eating plan in order to find which one is best. And the search can get a bit rough sometimes.

Famous model Claudia Schiffer, for instance, is not on any kind of diet. Naturally, she ahs tried a lot of them and has finally concluded that diets are messing with her metabolism and that she is better off sticking to a three meals per day plan. The meals are rich in vegetables and fruits, which are fast digested by the body, and she tried hard not to resort to snacks during meals. However, she does give in to temptation every now and then and eats a bit of chocolate or some other forbidden food. The crucial thing is not to give in to the temptation of eating a whole box of sweets.

Three meals per day rich in vegetables and fruits is also the cornerstone of Geri Halliwell’s eating plan. After going through excessive exercising and a long row of bizarre diets, Geri decided that enough is enough and turned to what she calls “sensible eating”. She is now part of the growing trend of celebrities that would rather have a nice set of curves to show than a skinny figure. So a bit of fat here and there is no longer a problem, which means that she can be less stressed about the whole dieting thing.

The same basic idea worked for TV presenter Claire Sweeney, who chose the Weight Watchers diet precisely because it let her eat foods that she likes and that other diets forbid. She had already gone through a detox plan, which she could not stick to, an Atkins diet that gave her a kidney infection and a dozen other dieting ideas. Weight Watchers worked for her better than anything else and so she’s still on the program.

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow has been on a macrobiotic diet plan for years. She would not touch meat, eggs, dairy products and caffeine and stuck with it until her recent pregnancy. After giving birth to her daughter, Apple, Gwyneth returned to her eating plan, but she says she is not as strict as she once was. While still avoiding foods that drain her energy, the actress has found that a relaxed attitude is better than looking like a bean pole.

It seems that the stick figure is slowly going out of style after the excesses of the ‘90s. More and more stars find that maintaining a healthy balance between their cravings and their image is better than denying themselves every pleasure in order to reach an unreasonable beauty standard. And it turns out that this is not a bad approach at all.


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