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Once again we have a good example of a polarizing diet. Some people love eDiets.com and want to spread the word, while others loathe it and vow to spread the word. ItТs the clash of dieters over whoТs right and whoТs wrong about this program. While this is also the case with many other diets, eDiets.com has been particularly good at annoying both existing and prospective customers due to their УcreativeФ approach to billing. However, this problem is not related to the dieting itself and if you donТt mind spending some cash, you might have a very good dieting experience.

The really good part of the diet is the flexibility. eDiets.com is based on the idea that different people need different approaches to dieting and strives to provide alternatives. Those who cannot stick to the eDiets.com eating plan are free to choose the Atkins, The Zone or other eating plans, which are included in the eDiets.com website. Some people find it better to go with a combination of eating plans or simply to make up their diet as they go. We are all different beings so this is a very good idea. On the other hand, dieters donТt get a lot of information on which foods are good and which are bad outside the eating plan.

The really bad part of the eDiets.com is the unfortunate manner in which they handle the financial part of their business. From discounts which are not taken into account, to fees and charges that are not readily apparent during the sign-up process and on to the auto payment deduction that goes on even after one has cancelled the subscription and the staff members who claim they never got any cancellation order, this is one diet you want to be careful about. While itТs true that many clients did not complain about such practices, there is a vocal minority of dieters who had to fight to get their money back from eDiets.com.

In the end you are the judge. If you donТt mind the costs and if you donТt plan on dropping out after a couple of days then you might actually get along with the eating plan and lose a lot of weight. If, on the other hand, you donТt like what they recommend you, then you are going to have some problems with the $25 early cancellation fee, not to mention having to make sure they are not going to charge you again and again after the cancellation.


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