proactol cheap You Can Do It

These are 9 things every man should set a goal for. Look up the word "fit" in the dictionary. Does is say anywhere how much a man should be able to lift or how fast her should be able to run? No. So we can’t find a real definition of what fit means. Use this as your dictionary and get fit with us. Before you call yourself "in shape" try these rules. Any man can follow in the and if you can’t go all the way at first we’ll give you what you need to make it there. We say a fit man can bench press 1 1/2 of his body weight. Upper body strength for more then just the actually exercise. You’ll look good in a tank top, when that guy at the bar hits on your lady you’ll be able to throw his weight around.

You’ll never have to worry about him again. Lye down flat on a bench press machine, keeping your feet flat to the ground the entire time. Divide the heaviest weight you’ve lifted times your body weight.

Score: Less than 1.0: a little weak but we can fix this. 1.0–1.49: Ordinary, you’re not that bad off. 1.5 or more: You definitely know what’s going on.

You want to strengthen a muscle?

The key is to lift fats. Follow these for a few weeks and you’ll see how much you’ve improved.

*Take a weight that’s about 40% of what you can lift at one time. Do nine sets of three reps. Don’t forget to rest about 50-60 seconds between sets. Lower and raise the bar as fast as you can, changine your grip every three sets. Example :start at 16-20 then 20-24 inches apart.

*About three to four days after do three sets of flat, incline or decline barbell presses with the heaviest weight you can lift (six times).

*Press you head into the bench as you are lifting. Doing this will ensure that your spine is perfectly straight. Pushing your head into the bench activates neck extensors.

A man in shape can run a mile and a half in 11 minutes. Your body’s ability to give oxygen to your working muscles shows that you’re in peak performance. Doing exercises regularly (running) lowers your cholesterol and keeps your body fat to a minimum. This is good for prevention of heart disease. Run a mile and a half as fast as you can (try to keep on the flat surfaces) If you’re trying to achieve aerobic capacity you need to be able to run long and fast.Follow these tips for 6-10 weeks and you’ll improve your endurance up to 30%.

*If you need to walk that’s okay. Every Sunday take a 40-60 minute run. Make sure that you never feel winded at any time. Like I said you can walk.

*On Tuesday do 4-6 half mile intervals at your won pace. Set a goal. If your goal is to run this in 10 minutes, each interval should be 3 minutes and 20 seconds.Don’t forget to rest in-between.

*Thursday do 4-6 up hill runs. Run at a good pace. Take two minutes to rest in-between intervals. For the last interval jog for about 10-15 minutes.

*Split the distance into four 600-yard intervals and run them at a pace that’s 10 percent faster than your 11/2-mile pace, resting 1 minute after each.

A man in shape can be able to give a good leap forward. This shows lower body strength and speed. This is good for when you’re trying to steal base etc…A man that’s in shape should score high for a vertical jump. Grab a piece of chalk when doing this, chalk you fingers and stand flat footed against a wall, Put your chalked fingers as high as you can up the wall and mark it. Without taking a step, dip your knees and swing your arms and jump. The distance between the two marks is your vertical distance. Score:20 inches or less: You’re not jumping far enough to lift off the ground. Between 20 and 26 inches: Not too bad but you have room for improvement. Higher than 26 inches: Great job.
*If you want to jump higher you’ll have to practice it.

*Stand on something that’s about 12" off the ground and step off the box. The minute your feet touch the ground jump as high as you can. Keep repeating this about 5 times.
*Do four more sets, rest 30 seconds between sets.

*Never use your first jump to score. You’re just getting started. When it comes to strength, your lower half is your better half. Your butt and leg muscles are the root of your body.You need your lower half for almost everything. Get in position in the leg press machine, lower the weight until your legs are bent about 90 degrees then push the weight back up. To figure out your score divide the highest amount of weight you’ve lifted times your body weight. Score: Less than 1.8: Not very sturdy. 1.8 to 2.2: Not too bad but you can do much better. More than 2.2: Nice leg power, keep it up. Want stronger legs in three weeks? Try this.

* Use a weight that’s about 95 percent of the amount you lifted when you first tried. Do 10 sets of one rep, rest for 80 seconds after each set.

*This should be done at least two times a week, and every time you do it take away 10 seconds out of your resting period. period . When your rest period is down to 30 seconds, retake the test and use more weight.

* Before you take the test do a leg press with 20% more weight than what you think you can lift. Lower the weight only halfway before pushing it back up. When doing this your muscles will be expecting a heavier weight. It’ll seem a lot easier and you’ll be able to lift more.

Swimming is a great workout. It needs aerobic capacity and upper body muscle. Swim as much as you can in 12 minutes. Your total distance in yards will be your score. Less than 500 yards: You’re drowning. 500–700 yards: Good but room for improvement. More than 700 yards: Go fishy! There’s only about 2 out of 100 people that can swim a quarter mile without stopping. Thats probably because they have poor form and this can greatly affect the way you’re swimming.

*Always keep your head straight with your body. *When breathing, I know this sounds weird but breath from your belly button and roll. Don’t change the position of your head. You’ll float better and use less energy. This way you’ll be able to swim more. * Swim 25 yards to practice your form. Begin swimming a total of 200 yards every time you practice. Eight 25 yard intervals. yards Each week add 50 yards until you’re swimming at least 500 yards. Bring on 25 more intervals every two weeks, until you can to swim the entire distance without stopping.

How does 40 push ups sound? Tough? Pushups measure upper-body strength .Do you think you can drop right now and do 40 push ups? Try it and see how you do. If you can do this when you really need your upper body strength you’ll have it. Get you body on the floor and make sure your arms are parallel to the floor and you shoulders. Start to push yourself up and do this as many times as your body will let you. Score 25 or fewer: not tough enough bud. 26–39: Not too bad but also not too good. 40 or more: Nice bod keep up the good work.

Building an upper body. * Do sets of half the number of pushups that you just did. Rest 60 seconds between sets. When you’ve done a total of 40 pushups. Example: if you did 12 pushups in the test, you’ll need to do seven sets of six pushups.

* Each time you work your upper body do it every four days. Take off 5 seconds from the rest interval. After 12 sessions of this you’ll be able to do 40 pushups without resting.
*Time how long it takes you to do as many pushups as you can. Then rest for the same amount of time. Repeat this two to four times. You’ll improve your upper-body strength fast.

What does your belly look like?

If your belly is growing faster than your kids you have big problems. More fat you have in your belly the greater risk you’re at for heart disease. We want you to be a man that’s in shape you won’t get heart disease. The easiest way to figure your risk level is to do a comparison of your waist and hip measurements. Get a measuring tape and measure your waist at the narrowest point. Measure the distance around the widest part of your butt and hips. Divide your waist measurement by your hip circumference to find out your risk level. Score 0.92 or higher: You’re not doing too well. 0.82 to 0.91: Not bad but room for improvement. 0.81 or less: Good going Arnold.

To lose this extra weight you will have to exercise and eat good foods Which probably mean you’ll have to go on a diet. Try this, take 250 calories out everyday and burn away 250 calories a day with exercise. That’s 500 calories in one day. You’re going to do great! 250 calories is about the same as a 355 ml can of Coke and two handfuls of chips. If you want to burn the same number of calories through exercise, try lifting weights for 30 minutes, walk 2 1/2 miles, whatever you’re doing it has to get your heart rate up above normal. Only allow so much inside you. Watch your carbohydrates. Which you eat after 5 p.m. As the day goes on your body will store what you eat and turn it into fat.

Whether you’re chasing a man who has robbed an elderly lady or running just because you want to see how fast you can go, every now and then a man just needs to test himself. Is it possible for you to do 300 yards in 60 seconds? If so, you have the speed you need for about anything. Run as fast as you can. Do this 6 times, for a total of 300 yards. Score More than 70 seconds: Way too slow bud. 60 to 70 seconds: Keep trying you’re on the road for improvement. Less than 60 seconds: Fast as lightning.

*Run at 85% of everything you’ve got for 1 minute. *Then run at a lower pace, maybe 40% of everything you’ve got. Alternate between speeds for about 20 minutes. *Try this on a hill to get even better results.

Run as hard as you can each time you push off the line for your first three steps. Run though the middle area of each 25 yard run. Try and keep the same speed you gained from your sprint. This will help your speed alot. Beginning and stopping parts of the run are where most guys give up. Getting started is the hardest part and is much more.
We’re not telling you to be a gymnast but you do need to be a bit flexible. even to tie your shows. If tying your shoes is already a problem for you listen up. Flexible muscles will help keep you moving at whatever it is your doing. Research shows from the ages 35-50, an average man’s flexibility has gone down by 25 %. Without flexible muscles you can be heading into a bit of trouble. Here’s some tips to help you make yourself a bit more flexible.

*Measure out 15 inches on the floor. *Sit down with your legs out in front of you and have your heels at the edge of the tape. *Place both hands on top of one another and reach towards your feet. Reach as far as you can without bending your legs. The score will be set by if you reached your feet or not.

Score Less than 15 inches: You’re in need of some yoga. 15 to 17 inches: Room for improvement. More than 17 inches: You’re great at this. Show me more little gymnast!
Completely relax yourself and your muscles will be more receptive to being stretched.

*Put your left leg on a step or whatever is near you that’s almost as high as your waist. Have your leg straight and lean forward, as far as you can go and still being comfortable.

*Keep leaning as you’re bending your knee, push the heel of your foot into the bench for 10 seconds. Relax and put your leg straight. Just from doing this every few days you’ll be able to lean forward more then when you first started. than when you started. When doing this try and hold the position for 20-30 seconds.

*Do this three times. Going forward more each time.

* Always do a few little stretch before any exercise. Stand and put the heel of you foot on top of a ball. Have your leg straight and have them out in front of you. Don’t move your body but try and move your foot in a circle motion. This will relax your leg muscles.
It’s been told that a man that’s in shape can throw a basket ball 75 feet from his knees. Here is why this is important, throwing for a certain distance measures all of your upper body strength. A man in shape should have a strong arm. Not just to throw a ball but also to kick some ass if he ever need to.

Kneel on the court and throw the basketball overhand as far and as hard as you can.

Score Less than 60 feet: I think you need a new arm. 60 to 74 feet: Need improvement but okay. More than 74 feet: You’re on fire!
Tips on how to make your upper half strong. Try doing some single arm presses .This will improve upper-body speed and strength.

*Get a dumbbell with a grip on it and hold it in your left right hand.

*Stand with your feet parallel to you shoulders have your knees bent just a bit. Pull that dumbbell right up in the air and bent your knees a bit. Then get back up.

*When pulling up move the weight in an arc over your upper arm until the dumbbell rests on the top of your shoulder. Make sure your upper arm is still parallel to the floor. Bent your knees again and go. * Push the weight over your shoulders until your arm is fully straightened. Start again but switch arms.

*Do this two days week and rest for three days. Do three sets of four reps with a heavy weight in one of the workouts. Do eight sets of one repetition with a much lighter weight(30 % of the heaviest weight you can lift in the other arm.) *Try throwing the ball on a 40- 45 degree angle.

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