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oprah proactol Top 10 fitness mistakes

Nearly every guy or gal who’s tried dieting or fitness has dropped out of a program at least once. Such is life. Work and social events tend to get in the way, lack of adequate emotional support saps the willpower and boredom sets in. Eating the same kind of foods every day is boring. Suiting up at the gym only to go through the same motions is also boring. But this kind of mood can be avoided with a bit of planning and a positive attitude. Here’s a list of the most common mistakes people do when trying to get fit.

The number one mistake has to be the failure to plan ahead. Going to the gym with a vague target in mind is the best way to fail. If your target is unclear, how can you know if you’ve reached it or not? If you’re a little vague on the details, maybe you need help. Ask a doctor what’s your ideal weight and make that your goal. Or focus on the number of inches you want to drop off your stomach, bottom and thighs. That works great, too.

Coming up with excuses to avoid going to the gym is second on this list. Yes, life tends to get in the way, but that can be arranged with some more planning. Don’t quit the program just because something came up at the last moment. Reschedule your gym session and make sure you don’t get lazy.

Don’t work out too little. This may seem too obvious to belong here, but a lot of people lift two dumbbells a couple of times and think they’re done for the day. Sit down at the table for half an hour and come up with a sound training program. If you don’t know enough to make your own program ask a gym trainer or a veteran bodybuilder to help you. People are usually quite happy to show off their knowledge.

Too much fitness is also bad. Muscles need time to grow and the body needs time to burn fat. Some people think that the body only burns up fat during exercises, but this is not true. The more muscles mass you have, the faster calories get burnt because muscles need energy for maintenance all the time. Even when you’re resting. Overtraining will simply make you tired without any additional benefits.

Never compare yourself to others. We are all unique individuals with unique genetic make-ups governing our weight gain, weight loss and response to training. You shouldn’t rate your performance according to the achievements of others, but stick to your own pace and your own goal. If you’re trying too hard too soon, you’re simply asking to fail.

Don’t do the same things over and over. There’s no better way to lose motivation that doing the same exercises in the same order over and over again. Learn to juggle around with the exercises that form your routine and replace them with new ones every now and then. Find variations on a classic exercise and try them out. Make things interesting for yourself

Don’t stroll into the pub straight from the gym and keep alcohol consumption on a tight leash. Alcohol has extra calories that you don’t want and is also metabolized as fat and very fast. Pumping iron in the gym for 45 minutes and then throwing the entire effort away with a couple of beers is not a good way to move forward.  

Keep a close eye on your meals. Drop the fast food and snacks from your daily eating plan and forget about soft drinks. At the same time avoid starving yourself. This is a huge mistake and a lot of people do it. Never assume that you can tank your way through a fitness program while starving yourself because you’ll only end up in a hospital. Muscles need nourishing meals in order to grow and starvation is a bad way to diet anyway.

And, lastly, never look for a magic fix that can save you all the trouble. You can’t lose weight sitting around and moping in front of the TV or computer. It just doesn’t happen. So get out and go to that gym because it’s good for you. And no excuses!


safety of proactol Too Many Calories 2

How many calories do you need? Well, that depends on a lot of things. Your age, sex, type of work, physical activity, all come into play. There is no one answer for this type of thing. I have to warn you, I don’t believe the general ideas on how many calories a person should have. If you have a 2,000 calorie diet, you are starving yourself. I know that some people live and die by this number, but I just throw it to the wind. Why don’t I pay attention to a number such as 2,000? Only because it is stupid. Yes, you heard me right, stupid. How is a person who is very active going to live off of 2,000 calories? I mean, you would end up looking like those dying skinny kids in the 3rd world countries.

I think you get the drift though. I think those numbers are put in place by people who are so focused on health, that they are blinded by it. I mean, if you have 3,000 calories in one day, it won’t kill you. Though, they might want to make you believe that it will.

I’m not saying that you should throw all of this stuff to the wind. That would be foolish. What I am saying is, you should take it with a grain of salt. There is no reason why you should get bent out of shape if you go a few hundred or even a thousand over this limit. I mean, if you are going over by 5,000 then you should be worried. Some people do need to be concerned with such a thing. For example, people who are on a diet because of heart problems. You should be very focused on your diet. Also people with sugar problems would fall into this category as well.

If you don’t have some sort of health problem, I wouldn’t get too bent out of shape. Though, if you are eating from the drive through lane every day, then you might have a problem. What am I saying? Use common sense. Understand where your calories are coming from. If you are eating 3,500 calories and they are mostly from things that are good for you, don’t go ape shit on yourself. If on the other hand if it is all from candy and deep fried foods, I would be concerned.

You should be more concerned about where the calories are coming from. Ahhh, now I think you see what I mean. If you are eating 1,500 calories alone of fruits and veggies, that is better than eating that in fat. Isn’t it all the same? Not really. I would say that it isn’t the same. I know that some of you will argue with that. It isn’t the same because the calories are coming from a good source. They are coming from things that are good for you. The fruits and veggies will help you out in many ways. They will also help you fight off cancer and heart disease. This isn’t true if you are over eating on fats and sweets.

What to do? Well, all I know is what I have stated above. If you are eating over 2,000 calories and you are eating things that are good for you, I wouldn’t be too concerned. As always, you should talk to your doctor. That is the best advice I can give you. You should always talk to him before you go and do something new. You might have a health condition that will require you to go on a diet that he tells you to go on.

If you are healthy, base most of your diet on raw fruits and veggies. That is where the action is. That is where you will get the most bang for your calorie. Happy eating.

where do i buy proactol The Zone Diet

The celebrity diet par excellence. It’s trendy to be in the Zone and it’s nice to be in the company of stars, to go through what they have gone. The Zone is also a nice sounding name, good for all kinds of marketing purposes. One of the things that have made this diet a success among celebrities is the fact that a lot of diet food delivery companies have included Zone foods in their menus. Those who can afford this kind of expenses are probably glad that they don’t have to go through the whole shopping and cooking experience.

The Zone Diet is built around the classic mix of low-far foods, such as chicken and fish, low-fat cheese, small amounts of fruits and vegetables and some olive oil. The Zone itself is a fancy term for achieving a state of hormonal balance (especially in insulin and glucagon) that allows the body to expend the energy intake in an efficient manner and to avoid storing calories as fat. Therefore, dieters are encouraged to eat a lot of non-starchy raw vegetables, a small amount of protein, a smaller amount of carbohydrates and enough monosaturated oils to keep the feeling of hunger away.

The good side of the diet is the restriction of refined carbohydrates, which are low in nutrition, and the focus on low-starch vegetables and fruits. Nevertheless, the American Heart Association does not recommend the Zone Diet because of the lack of essential nutrients, high-protein content and the general lack of information about its long-term effects. Since the diet is quite low on the daily intake of calories, it does not seem to be designed for the long term, but rather as a quick fix. Exercising is pretty much out of the question with such a low amount of calories.

Another problem that dieters are bound to face, except for those who pay for food deliveries, is that meals have to be calculated to include the exact amount of fat, protein and carbohydrates required by the diet. This is not always easy for the average dieter and it has every chance of becoming a bigger problem over extended periods of time. Also, dieters have traditionally found it hard to stay on a diet that is very low in carbohydrates because the feeling of hunger is almost always present.

proactol success Stress Your Life

We’ve long known that middle-aged men are much more likely than women to have high blood pressure–about 36 percent of men versus 23 percent of women between the ages of 45 and 54. And, since high blood pressure can lead to stroke, it’s not surprising that many more men die over from these "brain attacks”. The explanation for this difference between the sexes has been lifestyle. Men are more likely to smoke, be overweight, drink alcohol, and avoid exercise–all risk factors for high blood pressure. Undoubtedly, poor health habits account for much of the difference.

Traffic Jam Anxiety

In this day and age, the average person spends a significantly large amount of time in his car. And with the ever-increasing number of cars on the road, we spend an even larger amount of time stuck in traffic jams. However, you can follow these tips to spend less time stressing out while stranded in the middle of a highway. By getting up 15 minutes earlier in the morning every day, you can reduce the pressure by avoiding the morning rush hour. Another tip is to stick to the right lane on the freeway. The minute or two gained by aggressive driving isn’t worth the stress.

Work Place Worries

Now that you have arrived at work early and in a relaxed mood, take the time to review long-term plans because stress lies in the moment-by-moment pressures. If you feel the stress piling up during your workday, breathe in and out four times very slowly to clear your mind. During lunchtime, it is important to get away from the office and exercise. Make it a goal to walk around during your break or even follow a simple and short workout routine. Exercise release endorphins into your blood stream, which are pleasure inducing chemicals that are also discharged during sex.

Be Positive

Stress is also related to the past. Keep in mind that mistakes happen, and the only thing that you can change about the past is your attitude towards it. Another thing that can keep your stress level low is to keep smiling. Even a superficial smile is a great start towards a happy day according to research. Having regular sex is also helpful in keeping happy.
It is also important to set some time aside to indulge yourself. Whether it be taking a nap, or allowing yourself an occasional piece of cake, spending time on yourself can make you feel great and happy.

However, it is crucial not to eat for relief all the time. Eating is a relief for stress, and stress can be a result of over-eating. So, be very careful not to start this vicious cycle. While taking the time out for yourself can be beneficial, doing things for others can also improve your life. Volunteering for others pushes your own troubles away, and can give you a greater perspective on life. Finally, and most importantly, setting time aside for your friends and family can be a great way to feel great. There is no better thing than being with loved ones and enjoying activities with them. Also, keep all the things in your life in perspective.

Try to follow all these tips for better mental and physical health. This is a great guide for a happier, healthier, and longer life.

negative proactol reviews Prevent heart disease

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in both men and women around the world. While many people fret about cancer or Alzheimer, hundreds of thousands of men and women around the world die of heart disease before they get to the age when Alzheimer becomes a problem. Living in today’s world, one cannot help but hear stories of high blood pressure, heart attacks and other such problems related to the cardio-vascular system. However, these stories are so common that we no longer take them as seriously as we should and end up suffering from the diseases that we ignored.

Smoking is bad for you; everybody knows that. Actually, smoking is high on the list of lifestyle choice that you should avoid if you value your health and, ultimately, your life. Among other bad things, smoking is the leading cause for high blood pressure and its consequences: strokes, heart attacks, heart failure, damage to the eyes and kidney failure. If you think that smoking helps ease stress, then try and avoid things that stress you. We all have to make ends meet, but deliberately adding a health risk to your problems is not the answer.

Drinking is yet another way of getting yourself in heart troubles. And I don’t mean the romantic kind of heart troubles, although drinking has done this for some people. I mean the kind of heart troubles that get you a resting place six feet under ahead of the time. The excess consumption of alcohol raises blood pressure and brings the same unpleasant consequences described above. And we’re not talking liver damage yet. A glass of wine once in a while is not a bad idea. A couple of glasses of gin or whiskey each day are a really bad idea. Not recommended.

And the third thing that you can do for yourself in order to stay healthy and avoid a while bunch of trips to the hospital is to follow a healthy diet and to exercise a couple of days every week. A healthy diet does not mean that you have to give up all the foods that you love, but simply to eat in moderation and to replace fast food and snacks with fruit and vegetables. There are healthy alternatives to nearly everything. And exercising doesn’t necessarily mean pumping iron at the gym. Walking or thirty minutes of aerobic exercises every other day can make a huge difference later on.

It really doesn’t take that much to lead a healthy life and get rid of bad lifestyle choices, especially since you’re doing this for your own good. Think again before lighting another cigarette, drinking another glass of alcohol or reaching out for a bag of snacks. We are living in a culture that makes instant gratification very easy, but having to spend years worrying about your blood pressure later on is simply not worth it.

oprah and proactol Power Drinks

We all see ads for power drinks and energy bars. How many times have you seen a coach get some Gatoraide poured over his head? I’ve seen it so many times it makes me sick. I don’t even watch football that often! So, should you consume such things? It depends on who you are really. That is what will tell you the answer. The types of things that you like to do. Are you the average Joe? You want to eat healthy so you feel great and look great. You don’t work out often or at all. You go on walks at night time with your woman. Some of that might be for the exercise and some of it might be so you have an excuse to get in the shower with her when you get home.

Do you need power drinks and energy bars? No. I’m not sure if that is surprising or not. I used to work at a gas station many years ago. I used to see people getting these drinks all the time. Most of them were fat guys who were also getting a hot dog to eat while they nuke their hamburger. We all know about some of those second rate food items at the gas station.

I’d say that 95% percent of people buying these drinks were men who were overweight. I’m not sure why that is really. I think it has something to do with them seeing sports stars drink it on television. Certainly, they aren’t drinking it to loose weight or to be more active. I’d say the same is true if you want to eat the energy bars. I mean, if you aren’t going to use them for energy to work out with, it is all a waste. You should spend the money on more important things.

Why do fat guys eat this stuff? Ahhh, the power of marketing. I really think that is all that it boils down to. They respond to the marketing that they see. They see people that they look up to eating and drinking these things, so they feel if they consume them they will be just like their favorite sports hero. Now, if on the other hand you do work out, these can be a great tool for you use. Did you know that you shouldn’t eat for up to two hours before you work out? Did you know that it takes at least 30 minutes to one hour for a snack to digest? This is where the energy bars come in handy. They are something small that your body can digest and you won’t even notice your body doing any of the work. Eat one an hour before you go into the gym. You will notice how you don’t get hungry while you are working out.

For about every half hour you plan on working out, drink about 16 oz of sports drink. That is a good rule of thumb. It takes about 40 minutes to absorb this, so drink it before you work out. If you are the average Joe who doesn’t work out but use these for energy, let me tell you something. You are wasting your money. That is all that you are doing. You aren’t getting any real benefit from these things. Sure you might be getting some energy here and there, but it is all a waste of money. You can gain the same amount of energy with a good diet. Take all of that money you are spending on this stuff and put it to good use. Save it up for a month and take your woman out to eat or some place fun. You will get more out of it that way than if you spent it on this junk.

Why am I talking about these things in such a negative manner? Because I hate to see people fall to the hype of marketing. That is why. You don’t need this stuff. You need this stuff as much as you need a star named after you. Did you know that you can name a star after yourself for 40 dollars? You will never get to go there or even get a piece of the rock that makes it, but you can have it named after you. It is all a waste of money. Give that money to some charity that feeds the needy. They need the food more than you need an energy bar. I mean, why do you really need the energy anyway? Because you have filled up on sweets and burnt yourself out?

Instead you should focus on a healthy diet. That includes snacks of fresh fruit and veggies. That will give you energy and won’t rob your wallet. Make sure that you are eating right and you are getting enough rest at night. There is no need to waste money on snake oil.

proactol weight loss Planning Your Diet

We have plans for everything these days. That is how we can fit 100 different things into each day. While to an extent this seems a bit over doing it, some things do need to be planned. I don’t know why we don’t plan our diets. I mean, we plan everything else. Some people even plan on when they will have sex. Hence, the birth of hump day. Why not spend a few minutes and plan out what you will eat? If you are reading this, you have the time so. So sit back and follow these seven easy steps. Don’t blink, if you do it will be over. It is really that simple.

1. Mini meals are great.

They tell people with certain disease that they should eat several small meals each day. They say that a person should eat something every two hours. Well, that isn’t too impossible to do. I would suggest that you start out every four hours. Keep it like you normally would any of your other meals. Make sure you have your protein and your fiber. Have some veggies and some fruit to balance everything out. Don’t make your mini meal a bucket of fried chicken. I know that since it is a mini meal, the temptation doesn’t seem as great. I mean, if you only slip up in a mini meal, who is watching?

These are a great way to avoid hunger and improper snacking throughout the day. Just make your mini meals up and eat them every time that you have planned. If you plan on eating every two hours, every two hours it is. It doesn’t take a road map to figure this out.

2. Don’t go over board.

This is easier said than done. You need to have a specific amount that you are trying to reduce. If you are trying to reduce your meals by 10%, then you should stick to that. I’m not suggesting that you break out the calculator and count up every meal that you have. If you have been on a diet for very long, you already have a good idea how many calories things have. Don’t eat with your eyes, eat with your mind. That will help you cut down on the amount of food that you eat.

3. Eat good tasting food.

From time to time let yourself go. Eat something that you know you shouldn’t. If you get it out of your system, it will be easier to maintain your diet. If on the other hand you don’t allow yourself to eat things you shouldn’t from time to time, all you will do is hurt yourself in the long run. You are going to nibble each day on those things instead of just eating them occasionally.

4. Eat your calories, don’t drink them.

Don’t fill up on sodas and other drinks. You can get all your calories for one day in these if you do it too much. A few sodas here. A few cups of hot chocolate there. A few beers here. You get the point. That will put on the pounds easily.

5. Exercise.

You need to do this to keep fit. Not only will it keep you fit, but it will keep you mentally sharp as well. That can go a long way in helping you stick to a diet. If you are depressed, chances are you will end up eating fatty foods that will make you fat. When you consume all of that fat, it will make you more depressed. It is a bad cycle to start.

6. Make your meals last.

Chew your damn food son! I bet you heard that one as a kid. Well, it is true. Don’t swallow your food. Instead, eat it slowly and enjoy the taste of it. If you do this, it will make you feel like you have actually ate something. If you swallow it down, you won’t get the same benefit. You will continue to feel a void.

7. Discover your food triggers.

We all have these. When was the last time you went grocery shopping and you looked at a bag of cookies and realized that you had to have them? I do this sort of thing all the time. You need to understand what foods trigger your response system. If you can do this, you can avoid situations that will make you eat things that you shouldn’t eat.

Well, that wasn’t so bad was it? There is no need to flip out when it comes to a diet plan. It is simple and easy. Just like anything in life, you should have a plan before you begin to do whatever it is that you are doing. The same is true with your diet.