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Mini Meals

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Mini meals are a great way to loose weight. When we think of eating several smaller meals instead of the normal three, we automatically think that it will make us gain weight. Hold onto your hat, because you are about to learn something new. It is suggested that if you are trying to loose weight that you should eat six mini meals per day. Why is this? Well, it is quite simple. When we go on a diet, we tend to think we are depriving ourselves of something. We tend to think that we will be hungry and nervous all day long. This doesn’t have to be the case. Let me tell you how. If you eat six meals per day, you will end up feeling more full. The reason why this works is, you are tricking your stomach. You are making it feel like there is always something being added. This is, because it is true.

How do you achieve these mini meals? At first glance, a mini meal seems like something that would tempt you to eat things that are bad for you. You need to avoid these urges as much as possible. When you are eating this many meals, the urges will be great. You will think that you can sneak in things because you are eating so often.

What to do? First I would suggest that you buy some containers that you can put in your ice box. You know those plastic things that you normally would store food in. Why do you need to get these? These are a great way of making many small meals. All you have to do is put the amounts you want for a certain meal in them and keep them in the ice box. Everything is ready to go, all you need is a fork. How exactly should you do this? Well, you might find this to be very strange, but just listen to me. You don’t have to have a huge budget or be a top notch chef.
What I would do is this. You should eat each meal twice per day. Have two breakfasts. Have two lunches. This is where it can get interesting. Eat different things for each meal. Did you have eggs for your first breakfast? Eat cereal for the second one. You must keep in mind that the amount of food you would eat for a normal meal is now cut in half.

Sandwiches are a great way to achieve this for lunch. You can eat half of a sandwich for your first lunch and the other half with your other lunch. You can also mix and match the sandwiches. Do you make your lunch the night before? Make two lunches the night before. Split the two sandwiches into four different lunches. This way you will have two different sandwich halves each day. I love doing this.

Does this mean that you also eat twice as many snacks? You need to get the idea out of your head that you are actually eating twice the amount of food. You really aren’t. All you are doing is eating more often. You are doing that to avoid the hungry feeling that you tend to get when you diet. With that said, you eat your snacks the way you normally would. There is no need to cut them out of your diet. After all, you are eating the same amount of calories as you would if you were eating three meals per day.

The reason why this diet is so successful, is because you aren’t going to jump for things you shouldn’t eat. If you are having a hard time with your diet, you probably notice your new found love of carbs. They give you a shot of energy that you are craving. By eating six meals per day, you don’t have that hungry feeling that you normally would have between meals. That is the reason why you aren’t reaching for the carbs. As always, before starting a new diet contact your doctor. Tell him exactly what you plan on doing. You need to do this incase you have any health problems that maybe affected by this new diet change. It sounds crazy, but sometimes things will happen when you change diets.

All in all, this is just another approach to loosing weight. That is how you should look at it. If you see it as something that is anything more than that, you might put too much pressure on yourself.



If you are like me, this is a weakness of yours too. I digest way too much caffeine each day. I probably have at least six or more servings each day. More than I should consume in several days. I drink too much cola. That is my problem. Not only is it loaded with sugar, it has caffeine in it too. A cup of coffee in the morning to get you going isn’t going to hurt. It can help you wake up and be more alert. It can help jump start your day into something worthwhile. Instead of feeling sleepy and tired. Though, if you drink too much caffeine, you can have the opposite effect that you are looking for. It can drain all of your energy and make you feel very tired. It can also cause you to have problems sleeping. This can be a very big problem.

You may not think of it as a problem, but it is. Caffeine is addictive. Yes, you can get hooked to it. I’m not saying that you will be like a crack head if you don’t get a cup of coffee. But anyone who is addicted to caffeine knows how it feels to get the shakes when you don’t have any in your system. This is the addictive qualities of it. You are shaking because you are going through withdraw. Your body is craving it and letting you know.

Caffeine is a great pick me up. From that morning cup of Joe to the extra pep it gives you in your energy drink, it can be very helpful. The key thing is, you must use it right. You can’t over due it. Caffeine can have very bad side effects if not used properly. Studies show that drivers who think they can substitute caffeine for sleep are a risk to everyone on the road. Your reaction times are slower and that may cause you to have an accident.

The key thing is to understand the use of caffeine and how to use it right. If you are a bit tired in the evening, a cup of coffee is a great way to give you a little pep. If you are going to be using something dangerous like a chain saw, you should wait until you are fully alert to operate it. Don’t think coffee will make you alert enough to be able to run it safely. So, you are tired at work. You need a little pick me up, but don’t want to use caffeine. Well, there are some things that you can do to help you out.

Avoid foods high in sugar. Don’t run for a candy bar when you are feeling sluggish. Don’t drink sodas with your lunch. This will give you a burst of energy, but it will make you tired when the energy is gone. I would suggest to you that you keep some fruit on hand for when you are feeling sluggish. Keep an apple in your desk or some other fruit that you can easily eat and not have to prepare. You can also try pears, peaches, or oranges. You do have to peel an orange, so that might not be the best solution for you if you need a pick me up right away.

Drinking juice is another great way to get that pep you are looking for. You should consider buying a juicer. They aren’t too expensive and the benefits of fresh juice are well worth the money. Also, you can make different kinds of juices. You can make an apple and pear drink. There is no end to the kind of drinks you can make. Also, you don’t have to worry about what is in them. You make it, you know it is 100% juice.

A serving of juice will help you regain your strength. It will give you the energy you need to get through the day. You might also want to drink juice with your lunch. If you do this instead of drinking sodas, you won’t get burnt out as fast. Energy bars are a great thing if you have them on hand. Don’t get ones that are full of sugar or honey. That will give you a burnt out feeling. Instead, go with something that is good for you. I have seen some chocolate covered energy bars, don’t get this. Run like hell from these bars. It is a expensive candy bar.

Of course, you can always take a nap. This is a great way of increasing your energy. Though, it is not always possible to do. You also should avoid a high fat diet. If you eat too much fat, it will drain you. It will also make you depressed. When you are depressed, you won’t have the energy that you should have.

The important thing is this in regards to caffeine. Have a cup of coffee from time to time if you are feeling a little tired. Don’t let it replace sleep. Don’t think that you can function the same on caffeine as you can fully rested. Don’t think that because you had two cups of coffee that it is safe to drive your car even if you are drop dead tired.


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Most of us are focused on fat. It is all that we hear about these days. Since the time we are kids we are told that fat is bad for us. Some people are more worried about calories than fat. To be honest you should be worried about both. You need to make sure that your diet isn’t full of junk food. You should be getting your calories from foods that are good for you. Who cares about not eating any fat, if all your calories come from sweets? I’m not sure how much I believe fat is the bad thing we make it out to be. I’m starting to believe that carbs are the real evil in the diet empire. I really do think this is why so many people are overweight in this world.

Think about it like this. How many cultures in the world eat bread? Most of them eat some sort of bread. Bread for some people is the focus of the meal. In the old days, women spent all day long making breads. This is also true with pasta in some regions of the world. A lot of places eat some sort of pasta with every meal. What about rice? The same thing. The Irish and potatoes? The same thing. These are all carbs.

Most people eat these every day of their lives. I think we are addicted to carbs. I know I am. I eat so much bread and other carbs that I don’t know what I would do without them. That, adds a tire around the waste line. I’m not saying that carbs are worse than fat per se. I mean, fat has its problems too. You eat too much of it, you are getting yourself ready for a heart attack. I mean, your body can only handle so much of them. We have all seen young men get heart attacks at an early age. So, we know that fat is bad.

Not all fat is the same though. Some fat is worse than others. Let’s talk about these different kinds of fat. We have items that are lower in saturated fat. These would include meats and cheeses. They don’t have as much fat as the items we will be talking about next. On the other hand, you have items that are more saturated than meats and cheese. These tend to be anything deep fried. They will include, donuts, french fries, potato chips.

The second is what you need to stay away from. These are high in calories. They also will clog your arteries. I hate to say it, but the good stuff in life has its risks. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t ever eat these items, but eat them in moderation. That is the key. Don’t eat them every day, but once per week. Don’t go hog wild on a whole bag of chips. Instead, get a small bag that is enough for one or two servings. This way, you won’t be tempted to eat the whole bag.

Oils such as olive oil are low in sat fats. You should use these when ever you can. Keep in mind though, you should only use a little of oil. Make sure to always use non stick cookware. This is a must and a great investment for your health. By using non stick cookware you won’t have to use as much oil when cooking. If you get the good stuff, you might not have to use any at all. I think that you should watch your caloric intake as well as your fat. I would say that they should go hand in hand. I would pay close attention to how much carbs you are eating each day. I know that I sound like a broken record, but I do think people are too dependant on them. They are a good source of energy, but you will feel burnt out if you eat them too much. I think you know what I am talking about. You feel like you need a nap all the time.

There are also health risks involved with a diet high in fat. You are at higher risk of having sugar problems and heart disease. Plus a whole host of cancers that most people don’t have a risk for. People who eat high fat diets also have skin problems. I think people who eat too much fat have very bad complexion. Their skin almost looks like leather.

I hope that you don’t finish reading this and think that you should cut out all of the fat in your diet. That isn’t my intent. Instead, you should look at the big picture. You can eat some fat, just don’t go licking a block of lard as a refreshing snack on a hot summer day.

Fat, yet fit

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Is there such a thing as being fat, yet fit? Can fat people get away with overeating by keeping their muscles trained and strong? The Mayo Clinic says they can’t. It seems that all those extra pounds mean extra trouble no matter how much exercising is performed each day. Fat is simply not good for the heart.

The big question was: can overweight people stay healthy by working out on a regular basis? It sounded like a legitimate question because exercising just fifteen minutes every day makes a tremendous difference for fat people. Blood pressure goes down and cholesterol levels drop, leaving the person in question in a better mood because of the extra energy. One might almost say that it’s not that bad to be fat if you’re feeling great and you’re heart is not threatening to split your chest and jump out every time you go up a flight of stairs.

However, the experts from the Mayo Clinic say that being overweight is a risk factor for many health conditions and that exercises simply make you healthier for the moment. Exercises cannot lower the risk of developing diabetes later on and are not a surefire way of preventing heart problems. Whether you’re exercising or not, those extra pounds have got to go.

On the other hand, an interesting results of these studies was the fact that people who don’t exercise are just as much as risk, regardless of their weight. Our bodies are meant to endure a certain amount of physical exertion every day in order to function correctly. Simply maintaining a healthy weight without regular exercise is not enough. You have to get off the couch and start on some brisk walks. Thirty minutes a day five or six days a week are just what you need to stay healthy for many years.

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Once again we have a good example of a polarizing diet. Some people love and want to spread the word, while others loathe it and vow to spread the word. ItТs the clash of dieters over whoТs right and whoТs wrong about this program. While this is also the case with many other diets, has been particularly good at annoying both existing and prospective customers due to their УcreativeФ approach to billing. However, this problem is not related to the dieting itself and if you donТt mind spending some cash, you might have a very good dieting experience.

The really good part of the diet is the flexibility. is based on the idea that different people need different approaches to dieting and strives to provide alternatives. Those who cannot stick to the eating plan are free to choose the Atkins, The Zone or other eating plans, which are included in the website. Some people find it better to go with a combination of eating plans or simply to make up their diet as they go. We are all different beings so this is a very good idea. On the other hand, dieters donТt get a lot of information on which foods are good and which are bad outside the eating plan.

The really bad part of the is the unfortunate manner in which they handle the financial part of their business. From discounts which are not taken into account, to fees and charges that are not readily apparent during the sign-up process and on to the auto payment deduction that goes on even after one has cancelled the subscription and the staff members who claim they never got any cancellation order, this is one diet you want to be careful about. While itТs true that many clients did not complain about such practices, there is a vocal minority of dieters who had to fight to get their money back from

In the end you are the judge. If you donТt mind the costs and if you donТt plan on dropping out after a couple of days then you might actually get along with the eating plan and lose a lot of weight. If, on the other hand, you donТt like what they recommend you, then you are going to have some problems with the $25 early cancellation fee, not to mention having to make sure they are not going to charge you again and again after the cancellation.

Do Men Burn More Fat than Women?

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Men and women are not built the same way. There is something different in our bodies due to the way hormones change the balance between muscle and fat and shape the size of our bones to respond to different needs later on. In men, the testosterone hormone determines the size of bones, causes hair growth and deepens the voice. It also regulates the size of the muscle mass, which it turn regulates the metabolism. The more muscle mass, the faster a person burns the calories obtained from food, which is one of the big differences between men and women and between overweight people and those who are fit.

It’s an easily recognizable fact that men and women training side by side do not have the same results. Recent studies have found that women gain weight faster than men and that they have a harder time getting rid of it through exercise. It seems that women have the misfortune of being stuck with the worst part of the weight loss process and also with having to work twice as hard as men to stay in shape. And since this is no easy task for men, you can imagine how bad the ladies have it.

Another thing that makes it even worse for the ladies is the modern obsession with a thin body. Repeated attempts to drop the extra pounds teach the body to hang on to the existing fat and so weight loss becomes harder and harder as the years pass, while the women become more and more desperate and willing to try even half-baked ideas that should simply be avoided. This leads to dieting that makes the person thinner, but not healthier. Quite on the contrary actually, since there are enough emaciated, rail-thin ladies around to serve as example.

A recent study published by the BBC showed that 62 obese women who exercised 4 hours per week and learnt how to cook healthier meals felt a tremendous improvement in their self-image. They lost only 9 pounds over three months, but their blood pressure, cholesterol and heart rates were far better. And they felt much better. So, maybe women should start to move away from achieving a certain weight to just staying healthy and feeling good regardless of weight. Maybe this is indeed the future of the weight loss industry: to help people feel better about themselves instead of harming their bodies while chasing a dream.

Diet secrets of Hollywood stars

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Diets come a dime a dozen in Hollywood. They practically fall out of the sky. Any doctor or layman who manages to have an original idea or, at least, a new twist on an old idea, and is marginally successful in selling it to the public is thinking of setting up a shop in Hollywood. There’s probably no other place on Earth where diets and any other idea that could keep a body slim are so venerated as in Hollywood. Hundreds of young women and men (and some of them not so young) employ personal trainers and are up to date on the latest dieting trends because it’s good for their jobs to do so.

The general public is also interested in finding out the dieting secrets of movie stars and singers. They think that actors might have some tricks up their sleeves if they manage to stay so slim and good-looking through the years. Actually it’s not quite like that. Actors and singers are normal human beings. They have their unique genetic make-ups which means that no single diet works for everybody. So each one of them tries a couple of diets in order to find out which one suits him or her. Moreover, not all Hollywood stars stick to their diets. The crave for a treat does not discriminate.

Celebrities don’t have some sort of secret knowledge that opens the path to a beautiful body. Most of them get their tips just as the rest of the people do. They hear them from hairdressers and make-up girls. They get them from agents and publicists. Or they follow the latest fashionable trainer or dietician, just as they pick up on the latest philosophies or mystical experiences. Moving from Atkins to cabbage soup is not more complicated than dropping Buddhism in favor of Kabbalah. Some stars hire people who know a lot about diets to make these decisions for them.

All these famous people have to deal with the same kind of issues we all do. Sticking to a diet is hard on them, too, so they eat things they shouldn’t and resent the fact that they can’t do it all the time. They worry about the effects of such and such diets on their skin and they don’t look all that great all the time. But for every star there’s a small army of lighting experts, make-up artists, beauticians, image editing and visual effects people who work hard to make sure that the faces we see on screens and in magazines look perfect. No blemishes, no unsightly skin, no sagging anywhere. Just perfection.

One thing that could be said for Hollywood stars is that they work harder at their diets than most people. It’s very important for their jobs and popularity and so they try really hard to stay in shape and look good everyday. They’re not dieting experts and it’s unrealistic to expect them to be so. They’re good at other things and we’re content with them being that way. So, the bottom line is that there really is not secret to Hollywood dieting. Just the will to carry on and the struggle to stay fit.